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Large business or small, if you don't have a professional presence on the Internet it's like having a phone without a listing in your local business directory! or worst keeping it top secret, even MI5 has a web site.

Your business can have access to this global internet audience for a mere fraction of the cost associated with local or national TV, newspaper, telemarketing, and other conventional methods of pitching products, building name recognition, or enhancing your companies image. With the assistance of AMD Web Design, your local area, the next county or a global market could be in the palms of your hands!

According to a recent survey, over 74% of UK business websites fail to be optimised for search engines. A high search engine ranking can make a significant difference to the number visitors to your site: no visits - no return on your investment

AMD believes that good Website design is only the beginning of an effective Website strategy. Website promotion completes the package.
It doesn't matter how nice your site looks, if no one ever finds it Search engine placement is only effective if you focus and target the proper keywords. It doesn't pay (literally) to be ranked #1 for search terms that no one is searching for.

To be indexed in the top search engines, a spider crawls your site to examine and qualify the words and content. This "spidering process" enables the search engines to determine how your pages should rank in response to searches conducted by Internet surfers.

If your site is not optimised for the appropriate keywords, there is no way whatsoever for the search engines to know how to position your site within its results for particular keyword queries.

There may be over 300,000 search engines; but to succeed online you only need to be listed with the following top search engines and directories:

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