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The pricing for web design, is based on several different factors. Our professional team of web engineers are made up of highly trained staff, including Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Programmers, Copywriters and Search Engine Optimisation Experts

Web Design Prices

Our website design prices start at £595 for a micro site. This price would be for the development of static pages.

As most clients will want content copywriting, optimisation, and custom built graphics, we aim to be flexible and put together package deals. Please complete the contact page, or use telephone or e-mail to let us know of your requirements.

AMD Web Design goal is to continue to provide Internet solutions for every business need, no matter how small or large.

Basic sites from £595

  • Affordable and competitive costs.
  • Honest pricing.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Free quotations.
  • Basic 5 page websites from £595
  • Websites that rank highly on the search engines from £1800.

Price for Our Web Design & Development Services

Year after year, website prices rise due to changes in technology and labour costs. Our company strives to keep price increases to a minimum for our clients, so please see our pricing guides for 2021 further down this page.
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Professional Web Costs

Our costing page is designed to explain how much a website costs, which varies according to each build because no two websites are alike. 

These costs are based on our standard rates, and we will always provide you with an individual tailored to suit costing for all of our clients.
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Web design pricing

Web design pricing should be somewhere between £500-25,000, Your business scope and size of the project and requirements will ultimately determine the quote and outcomes.
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extra effective online marketing.
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How much does a website cost?

The price of your website will be determined by the type of site you want and the number of features you need. However, we've included the average costs of hiring a web designer for various websites. If you’re designing a custom website from scratch (SEO team needed also), you can charge significantly more than if you’re simply updating an existing one.
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Web Design Cost: Choosing Your Freelance Designer

Considering that 75% of internet users base their judgment on a business website, an investment in an exceptional web design almost always pays off. However, the difficulty in locating the correct web design cost to suit your budget. It is unfortunate that you will often be put off by the prices even when you start looking.

Generally, the UK's web design price includes not only the website building costs but also the costs of all add-ons that you might need, such as shopping carts and payment processors. Therefore, you will need to understand the costs of your chosen add-ons before committing to a specific provider.

Shopping carts are one example of add-ons. While some providers offer a free shopping cart, some others charge additional fees for this service. Therefore, it is best to determine whether you can integrate the carts with your website or if you need to pay an additional fee to integrate them.

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Another thing that you may need to consider before you commit to a web design price is the technical support provided. This is especially important if your website is created using a special coding program like Adobe Dreamweaver. Such programs are very technical and may require a lot of training and support. On the other hand, most companies that offer cheap web design prices do not have staff with proper knowledge of such coding programs. Thus, it would be advisable to determine the provider's support and training costs before deciding on the provider.

Another factor that will affect your web design prices is the size of the website. A larger web design cost in the UK is generally more expensive because more significant websites usually require specialised coding and programming. In addition, the added features and benefits of using a larger website will drive up the prices. However, you must keep in mind that the services offered are of superior quality, and you may obtain a significantly discounted price for them. The same applies to professional web designers and companies offering packages. If you cannot decide on which package to avail of, try to find out what the package includes so that you can gauge its price range.

How much does hosting my website cost after the first year?

Our prices start at £120 per year for hosting on our UK-based cloud server, and costs will increase for larger websites with more files and visitors, which will be discussed before your renewal date. For larger sites, we also offer dedicated servers.