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Beautiful Logo Design for Your Business, AMD can help you produce a more lasting first impression, by making your logo pin-sharp with a vector redraw.

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We’re a team of logo and branding experts ready to help you find a great logo for your new website..

We will automatically make judgments and view a company, product, or service in a certain way just by looking at a logo, whether we like it or not. We would avoid a business that appears to be too costly, too corporate, too fun, or too radical.

What Is a Logo?

Images, texts, shapes, or a combination of the three make up logos.

  1. Creates a positive first impression that encourages customers to engage with your brand.
  2. Assists you in developing a brand identity
  3. Provides your business with a symbol that will help people remember you.
  4. Sets you apart from the competition
  5. Helps to build brand loyalty
Logo Design And Branding
Logo Design And Branding
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Logo Colours

Colours are the core communicators of your message, and they go far beyond aesthetic appeal. They reveal whether you’re playful or serious, innovative or wholesome, cutting-edge or timeless and reliable to your audience.

Logo Typography

Typography is essentially what we non-designers think of as a font; it consists of the letters that make up a logo, arranged in a consistent pattern. Also remember the “Typography” needs to scale from store signs to social media icons.

Logo Redrawing

Get that poor quality logo expertly redrawn

You may require my Logo Redrawing and Vector Conversion Service if you just have a low-resolution JPG or PNG version of your logo. With a low-resolution logo, you’ll have trouble utilising it for print tasks; more than likely, it won’t even be suitable for usage on the web.

Although huge, high-resolution JPG or PNG images can be used, your logo should ideally be in vector format. This will result in a crisp, clean image that is excellent for all print tasks. A vector-drawn logo may be reproduced at any size, from business cards to large-scale exposition displays, without losing quality.

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Logo And Tagline

A catchy logo with eye-catching graphics and a repeatable tagline will make the difference between consumers patronising your company or a competitor’s.

  • Is distinct and broad, making it easy to see at a glance.
  • Has a solid, balanced picture that is devoid of extraneous elements that would otherwise detract from its overall appearance.
  • Has graphic imagery that appears to be relevant to your business.
  • It goes well with the name of your business.
  • Is written in a legible font.
  • Looks amazing in both black and white and colour.
  • Makes the company’s message transparent.
  • Appearance on a website and in print (on business cards or social media icons).
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Logo Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a logo for my business?

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, big business and associations all need a logo.
If you do online marketing, you’ll need a logo. A graphic representation of your brand is required on most websites. Logos are visual communicators. They demonstrate to clients that you can provide the services they require. A well-designed logo demonstrates that you are aware of your customers’ requirements.

Does a logo really matter?

We will automatically make judgments and view a company, product, or service in a certain way just by looking at a logo, whether we like it or not. We would avoid a business that appears to be too costly, too corporate, too fun, or too radical.

How important is a logo to a small business?

The most important tool in your product marketing arsenal is probably a small business logo. It isn’t a haphazard mark. It gives your small business a face that reflects your mission and core values. If done correctly, that identity can sell your brand to potential customers right away.

Are logos copyrighted?

A logo that contains artistic or design elements (rather than just the name) is legally considered a work of artistic production and is thus protected by copyright law. As an artistic work, the logo is protected by copyright.

Logo important marketing tool

A business logo is perhaps the most important marketing tool in your business promotion arsenal. It is not only a mark made by an artist, which lets people know what product or service you are offering. It gives your business an individual identity that immediately represents your core ideals and your mission statement.

Bad business logo design

A bad business logo design is surely going to turn off your prospective customers. If people have an impression of your company based on your business cards or brochures, they will automatically associate it with lousy products, bad prices and bad services.

This will translate to fewer transactions and possible disliking of the products and services that your company is offering. Even if a sale does take place, the chances of that sale being a big one or a repeat transaction are bleak without the right identity. With a logo designed around your brand and identity, you will be able to make your business very popular very quickly.

Good Business Logo

A good business logo can work wonders for your business. This works especially well if you are selling products online as the first impression of your website and company can make a lasting impression on your consumers. For instance, suppose you are a dentist and you own a very popular website that features some of your best photos and dental procedures. People who come to your website will likely feel very comfortable when they find your photos on top of the home page. They will then picture themselves at your dentist’s office and will be more inclined to visit and inquire about whatever services you are offering that day.

Another great benefit of having a great business logo is that it helps you to brand your entire organization. A dentist can get a name and a logo to use for his entire business operations. If his employees wear similar-looking business clothing, their chances of getting recognized increase exponentially. You might even wear matching coloured scrubs on a daily basis and not even realize it. You will be branding yourself and the entire office with your unique look. Branding is an important factor that can make or break your business.

Create a good logo

If you want to create a great logo, however, you will need to take a lot of time to conceptualize your design. This process of conceptualizing can be very time consuming and really expensive, which is why most companies do not hire professionals to create a great logo for them.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay a lot to have a great business logo. You can create a unique, memorable logo in just a matter of hours from scratch. There are software programs available that can aid you in creating your own business logo very easily.

professional graphic designer

Your next step is to find a professional graphic designer like us. Finding a great graphic designer isn’t hard. In fact, you can find many local graphic designers via the Internet. Make sure that the designer you hire specializes in business logo design. A generalist graphic designer may not be as effective at creating a business logo design as a professional designer who specializes in business logo design.