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AMD Web Design works with a diverse range of companies - from blue chip corporations and FMCG companies, dot coms to portals and SMEs.

  • Tamworth Co-operative Society (Co-op)
  • Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant's
  • The Rocket Club
  • British Open Golf.com
  • Ask The Vet
  • Kanda Gold

Like it or not, every aspect of your business, that's visible to the public eye, represents your business. So why would you use a poor quality web site to portray your company? Web sites often provide clients with the first impression of a company's professionalism and ability to meet their needs.

Your visitors have expectations... You have expectations... We'll exceed them.

Business Websites Design

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Usability of a website

We set the goal of any web project on the usability of a website. So when a site is created for your business, it reflects the latest technologies and platforms, making it intuitively simple for users to access the information.

Business eCommerce



eCommerce Web Shop

Thinking of using the Internet as a way to market your product, now is the time to do it. Because using our Easynet Shop system you can manage all aspects the e-commerce shop easliy online. And we mean all aspects! Edit or add product and photos and descriptions and place them on the site within 3 mintues also marking sure Search Engine Optimisation is also key.

Fast Loading Websites

Popular sites take less than 4 seconds to load. Less popular sites take over 11 seconds to load and users are annoyed or frustrated by this and click away

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