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Web Design Process - How to design

Design Process AMD

AMD Web Design has developed a proven web design process that ensures a very professional web site presence for your business. AMD Web Design perform an effective market analysis of your business and design the web site around your core business goals. From the prototype to the site's launch, AMD Web Design is involved in every process along the way

Market Analysis

AMD Web Design will perform a comprehensive web marketing analysis of your businesses web presence requirements. We study your current markets reach and compare it to the marketplace in general. We then determine what the best course of action will be to best implement your businesses online presence.

Usability Study

Once your businesses market analysis is completed, AMD Web Design then determines with the client what your web site's structure should entail. Depending on the scope of your web site, we then create a Functional Specification Document that outlines your web site's structure and navigation.


Now that your web site's structure is in place, we can do a "sketch" or prototype of your web site. We work on the theme that either the client has determined or we work on one that we have proposed. This is a very important stage of the design process. We create appropriate graphics that reflect the desired theme that also compliments your businesses market analysis. AMD Web Design works closely with the client to ensure that they are very satisfied with how their web site will appear as a finished product. We create a special "Client's Area" on one of our servers so that the client can review the entire prototyping process. There are no surprises here. All of AMD Web Design's clients knows what they are getting before the project due date.


Once the prototype web site design has been approved, AMD Web Design then begins the production of the web site. Our graphic designers transform the prototype graphics into web optimised graphics. These files are compressed for optimal web viewing and are then transferred to our web programmers who then insert them into web pages. These pages can be coded in many different web languages, as best suited for your particular web site requirements. During the entire design and site coding process, our Quality Assurance Engineers fully test the web site to ensure trouble free operation and optimal ease of use to the end user.

Go Live

Once the production of the web site is complete and the client has approved everything, we launch your web site and it is now "live" on the internet for everyone to view. This is a very exciting stage for everyone involved.

Site Promotion

Now that you have a "killer" web site, how do you get people to find it online? All of the web site projects that we work on receives free web site submission to the major search engines. But this doesn't guarantee a high ranking. This depends on the project's Search Engine Placement requirements.

Ongoing Support

Once your site is "live" and essential promotion is underway, AMD Web Design provides ongoing support for all it's client's web sites. Whether it is a simple text edit or adding a complex e-commerce system, we are always available to assist our client's needs.

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