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shop web designSmart businesses no longer build web sites just to save on marketing costs. These days, smart businesses are using the web to drive revenue. If your business retails products offline, it is time to explore e-commerce.

Online stores and shopping systems are an important part of the internet today. Many businesses have an online presence already, and a large number of companies have set up an internet shop to some degree. AMD Solutions are experts in helping you establish your online store.

easy to shop onlineBecause we also have experts in online marketing, AMD Solutions can help you plan your internet business from all angles.

AMD Solutions consulting, website design, shop development, internet marketing, security and technical infrastructure expertise is what you need for "setting up shop".

  • Keeping content fresh and current
  • Managing online marketing campaigns
  • Adding new content to reflect changes in your company
  • Retailer, Wholesalers or Dropshippers

Professional eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

Online Stores,Our shopping cart software combine innovative new technology with the 'human touch' to produce a new generation of ecommerce application for your web site. We can now create a eCommerce site that's easy for you to update.

Making it UK's most powerful and flexible shopping cart stores or online product catalogues with dynamic content more easily than ever before.

Easy to use Web Shops

internet shop web manages all your credit card encryptions, tax calculations, shipping costs, customer discounts and unlimited product options. Forget about rebuilding your business to suit your website, with internet shop web it's business as usual.

payment gataways

2 Checkout

Many payment gateways inc: Paypal, Nochex, Protx, Barclays ePPDQ
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

e-Commerce Features

  • Unlimited products, sections and sub-sections
  • Digital Download product support including optional registration details
  • Product personalisation with fields the customer can fill in against products
  • Full product and section searching available in your store
  • Gift certificates (either electronic or printed)
  • Create offer codes to give discounts on orders
  • Encryption of any stored credit card numbers
  • Full backup and restore system built-in
  • The display order of most things in can be changed quickly and easily
  • "Recently viewed" features allows your customers to quickly go back to products and sections they have viewed
  • Show associated products on the cart page, taken from all associated products of products in the cart

Web-based Administration

  • Quick and intuitive interface - more like an application than the web!
  • Unlimited administration accounts
  • Includes full logging of actions on administration accounts, including failed login attempts
  • Variety of different features to keep your system secure
Online Stores

Order Management

  • Edit order lines, quantities and prices along with tax and shipping editing
  • Integration with many payment gateways option
  • Take credit card details to process yourself option
  • Offer multiple payment methods
  • Limit payment methods to customer type
  • Setup free shipping offers
  • Email and postal type gift certificates supported

Product Control

  • Stock control with email warnings at low stock trigger levels (can be set individually for each product). Stock control not only on product-level but also on variation-level
  • Cross selling and up selling facilities
  • Customer reviews (can be moderated)
  • Fully extendable product fields including check boxes, select boxes, radio buttons, plain text and images
  • Full pricing based on quantity and / or options selected
  • Support for different weights, product codes and stock levels for different product variations
  • Products can be listed in as many sections as you like
  • Products can be turned on or off at any time quickly and easily
  • Products, product options or product pricing can be specific to customer type
  • Global product price changes
  • Clone products easily
  • Set maximum and minimum quantities that can be ordered for individual products
  • Do a final stock check before checkout altering the customer to any stock problems

Running an on-line e-commerce business made simple.

  • We have easy-to-use interface
  • Integration with major payment gateways
  • Unique web-based administration system
  • Access to major online training and support site

Easy Net Shop managed and maintained through a state-of-the-art web-based interface that behaves more like an application that a web system

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Q. We already have a hosting company, will Internet Shop Web work with it?
A:.Sorry No this product is no sold to third party's, the system is hosted on our licensed partner servers. (we can offer another shopping system)

Think about it you never really want to buy the drill, you want the hole.

Top of the search engines

Let's face it, there's not much point having the best website in the world if nobody knows about it except you, is there?

You've Got To Pay Your Dues

Many site owners and SEOs are worried because their new sites that rank well in Yahoo and MSN, aren't doing well in Google, and they're blaming it on the "sandbox." The current theory is that new sites are somehow being penalized for obtaining too many links, too quickly.

Is There a Sandbox?

Is there some sort of link analysis going on; some sort of threshold that will get links to new sites discounted? It sounds like a logical possibility. However, many of us who don't buy volume links or participate in linking networks are seeing the same ranking delays. New resource sites with a few good relevant links are taking just as long to climb Google's ranks as the instant link pop sites. I think a lot of people are confusing the sandbox, with an "aging filter" that appeared earlier this year.

6 Months For Results in Google

I haven't seen any brand new sites with new domains appear at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP) since early in 2005. There seems to be a delay of about 6-8 months. I've checked with many site owners and SEOs and I haven't found anyone who's gotten a brand new domain ranked well in Google. If there's a magic bullet, no one's spilling the beans.

What happens is new sites get indexed, they appear for some obscure queries and they may appear at the top for a week or so, but then they drop to the bottom of the SERP for several months. The page shows a PageRank in the Google toolbar, as well as backlinks. Everything else works fine but it just doesn't rank well for any terms in Google. Many times, not even the company name.

If you have a brand new site, stop driving yourself nuts wondering what you are doing wrong! Stop tweaking and changing things, trying to influence your rankings; until the site has been in the index a while, it doesn't seem to matter what you do to it.

Plan Ahead for New Sites

If you are launching new sites, make sure you set the expectation that it is likely to be 7-8 months before the site achieves any real results in Google.

We used to keep a site under wraps and launch it once it was "perfect." Now it makes sense to get a few pages up for your new site as soon as you complete them. The sooner Google is aware of the domain, the better.

As soon as you have a domain name, get the hosting set up, put up a temporary page and link to it from another site in Google's index to start that clock ticking.

MSN, Yahoo, and AdWords

When launching a new site, if traffic from Google is critical to your plan for success you need to plan ahead. Get the site out there and linked to as early as possible and plan to run an AdWords and/or Overture campaign for a few months until the site can be established in the editorial results. Yahoo and MSN do not have this delay built in, so we will focus our early efforts on these engines.

Don't worry, Google will eventually give your new site the respect it deserves -- just give it time.

We pride ourselves in being able to get our clients near the top of the list with the major search engines. Some of our clients names come up in the first ten names out a possible choice of over a million sites!

you need to get proactive...

Let's face it, there's not much point having the best website in the world if nobody knows about it except you, is there?

However what could you expect. research shows the following would proportion of people would be happy to buy from an internet shopping site

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