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Web Hosting and Servers

AMD Web Design UK based server network is one of the most well connected with multiple high-speed connections providing lightning fast access for even the most demanding web applications and services. This is what makes our web hosting one of the fastest and most reliable Solutions around!

Our network in based in a London data centre with CCTV cameras are in operation 24 hours a day, which are monitored by trained staff. Making sure only authorised personnel gain access to our servers.

Our servers are located in the London Hosting Centre which is one of the UK's best server housing environments.


SWITCHING & ROUTINGOur network uses the latest Juniper routing and HP switching systems. This gives us maximum speed and reliability to ensure the best service possible.
We have backups of all major hardware which is kept ready in the event of a hardware failure.

Hardware is also updated over time to make sure we are taking full advantage of the best equipment possible.


Our connectivity is provided by a number of leading UK providers. We use BGP routing to enable us to use all our connections to get maximum performance. This also gives us 100% uptime as even if one if our lines fails there are at least two others which takeover instantly.

All our systems are covered by APC UPS back up systems for instant backup in the event of a power failure. With a diesel backup generator which provides power for prolonged power failures
Our data centre is built to an N+1 standard so this means that if two generators are required to provide non-stop power, then there’ll be three installed. So rather than guaranteeing 99.99% availability, the guarantee is 100%.

web hosting securityWhen it comes to security, we refuse to compromise. Our data centre features totally comprehensive 24/7 security to keep your data 100% safe.

This means our customers have the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include visual verification of all personel entering the building, CCTV video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm provides the control room with information.

Very Early Smoke Detection apparatus is installed. These highly sensitive aspirating smoke detectors are linked to the Building Management system which is monitored continually from a network operations centre; provide very early detection to help avoid fire, loss and business disruption. This is coupled with a gas based fire retardant that is environmentally friendly, to put out fires instantly, without damaging equipment.

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